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The Sun and the Total Eclipse of August 2017 (Coursera)

A total eclipse is one of the most spectacular sights you can ever see! It looks like the end of the world may be at hand. There is a black hole in the sky where the sun should be. Pink flames of solar prominences and long silver streamers [...]

Religious Symbols of the World (edX)

Aug 30th 2022
Religious Symbols of the World (edX)
Course Auditing
This course is the third and final course in the series following “Understanding Religious Symbolism” and “Myths, Rituals, and Cosmos.” Through the theories and patterns that you learned in these three courses, I hope that you will be able to interpret the various religious phenomena in different cultures, and [...]

Exploring Space Weather and 5E Instructional Model with NASA MMS Team (

The purpose of this four-week learning exchange is to bring together organizations, teachers, students, and community stakeholders to assist elementary and middle school students choose a STEM career pathway by exploring topics and problems surrounding space weather through the lens of NASA's Multiscale Magnetosphere [...]