Oct 31st 2016

Futurism and Business: Dealing with Complexity (FutureLearn)

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Learn practical skills to help you predict trends in business and prepare for the future with this free online course. In a world of new opportunities, where change is happening faster than ever, knowing how to think about the future is a skill that is becoming vital for effective leadership in business, government and community organisations. This course will help improve your ability to prepare for the future and teach you some practical skills for helping predict it.

Explore how to think about the future

We’ll get started by looking at the area of future studies - exploring its definitions and history, before moving on to look at the different ways and systems that we can use to think about the future.

Learn how to measure the future

We’ll also look at some practical ways to assess the future, including: practical modelling techniques for predicting trends in multivariate complex systems, scenario planning, and emerging ethical frameworks.

Discover different trends

Finally we’ll discuss various emerging trends - from the sociological to the technological - examining how these trends have been predicted, and whether they can be considered accurate.

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