Communications Boot Camp: Winning the Ed Reform Conversation (Canvas net)

Student-centered education policies have little chance to succeed without the support of parents, educators, business leaders and community members. How we talk about reform, how we deliver our messages, and with whom we communicate will make a big difference when it comes to winning the education reform conversation. In this self-paced course, participants will build their communications skills related to media relations, targeted messaging, and the use of social media.

Each module offers both video and written core content that will take no longer than an hour to complete. Additional resources are available in each module for those that want to take a deeper dive into specific topic areas. A digital badge and a certificate will be provided for course completion.

Course Objectives:

- Create, identify and explain effective messages in advancing education reform.

- Develop an effective communications strategy and tactics utilizing the skills and knowledge gained throughout the course.

- Clearly communicate the need for education reform, explain a diverse array of reform policies, and refine messaging to different audiences.

Topics Covered Include:

- Module One: Introduction

- Module Two: Identifying Your Audience, Micro-targeting Matters, Proven Messages, and Packaging the Message

- Module Three: Delivering Effective Messages

- Module Four: Harnessing the Power of the Digital and Social Media

- Module Five: Conclusion and Review