Jul 11th 2016

Celebrating Food and Wellness Around the Globe (Canvas net)

This course will celebrate food and its relationship to wellness, focusing on a global approach. Participants will investigate culinary and dietary practices from four regions around the world, looking at the correlation and interconnection between local foods and health.

Traditional foods, menus, and recipes will be shared, and health and nutrition benefits will be explored. Participants will learn how to incorporate these beneficial dietary practices into their own kitchens, as well as how to utilize culinary and dietary strategies that promote optimum health/wellness.​

Topics include the following:

Week 1: Food and Your Life

Week 2: Europe

Week 3: Middle East, India, and Africa

Week 4: Asia/Pacific Islands & Australia/NZ

Week 5: The Americas & The Caribbean

Week 6: Finishing up with Desserts

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

- Appreciate cultural variation in dietary practices, food and culinary traditions around the world.

- Describe how regional dietary habits and cultural food preferences affect health and wellness on a global level.

- Understand how to incorporate beneficial dietary practices into the kitchen and how to use dietary strategies to promote optimum health and wellness.