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Mar 6th 2017

Vous souhaitez renouveler votre inspiration pour inventer l’alimentation de demain, faire évoluer votre carte et votre offre culinaire, créer un nouveau concept de restauration ou simplement proposer à vos amis un diner très « tendance » ? Ce MOOC FERRANDI Paris propose d’observer et d’analyser les tendances culinaires, d’en comprendre les mécanismes et d’acquérir une méthodologie de veille pour mieux anticiper et innover.

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Jul 11th 2016

This course will celebrate food and its relationship to wellness, focusing on a global approach. Participants will investigate culinary and dietary practices from four regions around the world, looking at the correlation and interconnection between local foods and health.

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Apr 20th 2015

This course, offered through The New School, is devoted to the life and work of distinguished culinary professionals of the recent past and present who have changed the way we eat and drink in the United States.

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Mar 27th 2015

FERRANDI Paris lance le MOOC de Design Culinaire. Nouvelle discipline inscrite dans la modernité des consommations alimentaires, le Design Culinaire est la méthodologie du design appliquée à l'alimentation.

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Self Paced

This MOOC course will drive you all to explore the different styles of Food and Beverage around the World. Within this short space you will acquire the knowledge of differentiating the food and beverage operations and various types of service offered in the Hotel industry.

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