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Pilares de Marketing Digital (Coursera)

El Marketing Digital ha revolucionado la forma de hacer negocios, y ninguna corporación, empresa, emprendedor o profesional puede desconocer su importancia vital para lograr el éxito. Este curso proporciona al alumno el dominio de los criterios estratégicos, técnicas y herramientas propias de la [...]

Digital Marketing Analytics in Theory (Coursera)

Successfully marketing brands today requires a well-balanced blend of art and science. This course introduces students to the science of web analytics while casting a keen eye toward the artful use of numbers found in the digital space. The goal is to provide the foundation needed to apply data [...]

Basics of Digital Marketing for All (edX)

Digital marketing (internet marketing) refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as social media, email, websites, search engines and mobile applications. In short, it is referred to all forms of online marketing activities. Marketing has always been about connecting with the prospects at correct time and place. In [...]

Digital Skills: Web Analytics (FutureLearn)

Aug 15th 2022
Digital Skills: Web Analytics (FutureLearn)
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Learn about the role of web analytics in business, the types of analytics and how to use different techniques. Explore the world of web analytics and develop skills to grow your career. What is web analytics? And why are web analytics important? With this course, you’ll explore some of [...]

Digital Marketing Analytics: Tools and Techniques (edX)

Learn how to leverage leading tools and approaches to digital marketing data analysis. Dive into SEO and SEM strategies including web analytics, machine learning and AI/Big Data applications to strengthen your digital marketing efforts and leverage your resources most effectively.

L'analyse de données UX (edX)

Devenez un scientifique des données UX! De l'analyse de données qualitatives à l'analyse du « Big Data », vous serez en mesure de dégager des « insights » des données afin de formuler des recommandations sur des bases empiriques.

UX Data Analysis (edX)

Become a UX data scientist! From qualitative data analysis to big data Web analytics, you will be able to leverage insights from data to make empirically-based recommendations. Do big data and UX speak to you? This MOOC will give you the methods and tools to analyze the whole spectrum [...]

Google Analytics (Introduzione) (Master University)

Attraverso l’esclusiva Demo del Corso Google Analytics – Introduzione, Master University vi fornisce l’occasione di prendere visione dei primi 10 minuti del percorso formativo curato da Francesco Gavello, e rivolto a tutti coloro i quali desiderano poter comprendere con immediatezza e completezza cosa sia lo strumento statistico – analitico [...]