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Circular Strategies for Hospitals (edX)

Learn to apply the principles of the circular economy in a hospital or healthcare organization to reduce waste and contribute to sustainable healthcare. Reducing medical waste is a worldwide challenge that calls for smarter solutions that can make healthcare more sustainable. This course helps hospital staff, management, users and [...]

The E-waste Challenge (EMMA)

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The E-waste Challenge (EMMA)
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E-waste can be a threat to our planet: Illegal and poorly managed e-waste is polluting our environment, harming human health, and contributing to human-made climate change. The worst impacts are often in the countries that are least equipped to manage it. Or it can be a valuable resource: By [...]

The E-waste Challenge MOOC (Climate-KIC)

With our growing appetite for electrical and electronic products, combined with rapid innovation and ever-shorter product lifespans, e-waste has now become one of the fast growing waste streams. This course will help the participant to understand why and how we must manage e-waste in an environmentally sound manner and how [...]