Circular Strategies for Sustainable Healthcare Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- The fundamentals of the circular economy and urban mining.
- How to apply circular strategies in a hospital or other healthcare environment.
- How to set-up a green team.
- How to create smarter solutions for circular products and processes.
- How to make recommendations for reducing waste in a hospital.

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Circular Strategies for Hospitals (edX)

Learn to apply the principles of the circular economy in a hospital or healthcare organization to reduce waste and contribute to sustainable healthcare. Reducing medical waste is a worldwide challenge that calls for smarter solutions that can make healthcare more sustainable. This course helps hospital staff, management, users and [...]

Circular Strategies for MedTech Suppliers (edX)

Apply theories, tools and best practices needed to design circular products or services for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Developing or improving medical devices to ensure a continuous supply for an exponentially growing population is a critical factor in making healthcare more sustainable. This course will help you to [...]