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The E-waste Challenge (EMMA)

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The E-waste Challenge (EMMA)
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E-waste can be a threat to our planet: Illegal and poorly managed e-waste is polluting our environment, harming human health, and contributing to human-made climate change. The worst impacts are often in the countries that are least equipped to manage it. Or it can be a valuable resource: By [...]
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The E-waste Challenge MOOC (Climate-KIC)

With our growing appetite for electrical and electronic products, combined with rapid innovation and ever-shorter product lifespans, e-waste has now become one of the fast growing waste streams. This course will help the participant to understand why and how we must manage e-waste in an environmentally sound manner and how [...]
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Renewable Energy Innovation (REI) MOOC (Climate-KIC)

The course follows a coherent structure, starting with a recapitulation of the geophysical basis of climate change, followed by an thorough discussion of clean energy solutions. As its heart piece, innovative thinking, entrepreneurship and business models are taught, guiding the students to the final [...]
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