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The Brain and Space (Coursera)

This course is about how the brain creates our sense of spatial location from a variety of sensory and motor sources, and how this spatial sense in turn shapes our cognitive abilities. Knowing where things are is effortless. But “under the hood,” your brain must figure out even [...]

The Fundamentals of Neuroscience Part 3: The Brain (edX)

Discover what makes your brain tick in this third part of a four-part introductory series in Neuroscience. The human brain is a fantastically complex system, capable of transforming a torrent of incoming information into thought and action. In this course, we will look at how the various subsystems of [...]

Neurobiology (

Legacy Course
Neurobiology (
Free Course
Neurobiology is all about the biology of our nervous system, from the spinal cord to the brain—and everything in between. This course is designed to provide you with an overview of the most important areas of neurobiological study.