Network Automation

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Juniper Networks Automation Using Python and PyEZ (Coursera)

This course will introduce you to fundamental concepts of a programming language called Python. After introducing you to Python concepts, the course describes how to apply those concepts to network automation using Junos PyEZ, a free Python library from Juniper Networks. This course demonstrates using Python and Junos PyEZ [...]

Juniper Networks Automation Using Ansible and the REST API (Coursera)

This course demonstrates how to automate the Junos OS using DevOps automation tools, protocols, and technologies. This course focuses on using Ansible, and the Junos Representational State Transfer (REST) API to automate Junos platforms.

Aruba Network Automation Basics (Coursera)

Aruba networking technologies are purpose-built with automation in mind to meet the increasing demands on IT’s ability to achieve business outcomes more efficiently. In Aruba Network Automation Basics you'll get an introduction to network automation concepts, key automation tools including Python and Ansible, and how to apply network automation [...]

Introduction to Open Source Networking Technologies (Linux Foundation)

Learn technical fundamentals needed to adopt SDN, NFV, disaggregation, orchestration, network automation, and modern networking. Discover use cases and technical options for open networking. Plus: learn more about The Linux Foundation networking projects. Explore open source networking projects, from The Linux Foundation and beyond, that are shaping the future [...]