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Aruba Cloud Basics (Coursera)

In Aruba Cloud Basics you will learn what cloud networking is, compare cloud technologies and their various use cases and implementation types. Once you learn about those you will be well on your way to understanding cloud use cases and how to leverage cloud services from Aruba. Part 1 [...]

Aruba Networking Basics (Coursera)

In Aruba Networking Basics, you will learn what a basic computer network is, compare local and wide area networks, use cases, and implementation types. Communication over these networks relies on protocols. Once you learn about those, you will be well on your way to understanding network communications and well [...]

Aruba Mobility Basics (Coursera)

In Aruba Mobility Basics, you will learn how Radio Frequency (RF) works! You will compare the differences between a wired and a wireless network, identify WLAN organizations that set Wi-Fi standards and the basics of radio communication. This course introduces you to what goes into setting up a wireless [...]

Cloud-Based Network Design & Management Techniques (Coursera)

This 2-part eLearning course builds an understanding of modern cloud-network design and management techniques, crystalizing lofty ideas of "cloud" and "edge" so you can embrace the latest industry trends and best-practices. A successful modern network architect requires a keen understanding of business requirements, network components, and the challenges of [...]

Aruba CX Switching for Cisco Professionals (Coursera)

The Aruba CX Switching for Cisco Professionals course bridges the gap between Aruba and Cisco switching technologies by teaching the necessary skills for a Cisco Certified Routing and Switching Professional to use the Aruba AOS-CX technology. This course consists of approximately 40% lecture and 60% hands-on lab exercises to [...]

Aruba Network Automation Basics (Coursera)

Aruba networking technologies are purpose-built with automation in mind to meet the increasing demands on IT’s ability to achieve business outcomes more efficiently. In Aruba Network Automation Basics you'll get an introduction to network automation concepts, key automation tools including Python and Ansible, and how to apply network automation [...]