Wifi Networks

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Aruba Mobility Basics (Coursera)

In Aruba Mobility Basics, you will learn how Radio Frequency (RF) works! You will compare the differences between a wired and a wireless network, identify WLAN organizations that set Wi-Fi standards and the basics of radio communication. This course introduces you to what goes into setting up a wireless [...]

Networks Illustrated: Principles without Calculus (Coursera)

What makes WiFi faster at home than at a coffee shop? How does Google order its search results from the trillions of webpages on the Internet? Why does Verizon charge $15 for every GB of data we use? Is it really true that we are connected in six social [...]

Les Réseaux Locaux (FUN)

Ce MOOC vous propose d’acquérir une vision d’ensemble des réseaux locaux, qu’il s’agisse des principales technologies, de la configuration, de l’histoire ou encore des principaux protocoles et mécanismes.