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Network Installation Fundamentals (Coursera)

Nov 27th 2023
Network Installation Fundamentals (Coursera)
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This online course, Network Installation Fundamentals, is your steppingstone to a rewarding career in network technology. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand basic network client management, explain the role of network connection media, and describe the role of virtualization in enterprise [...]

Aruba SD WAN Basics (Coursera)

The Wide Area Network (WAN) is the focal point for connecting different sites of an organization in a global environment. In Aruba SD-WAN Basics, you’ll get an introduction to the Wide Area Network (WAN) and how Software Defined-WAN (SD-WAN) addresses today’s IT challenges. We’ll look at how SD-WAN simplifies [...]

Network and Security Foundations (edX)

This course introduces the components of a computer network and the concept and role of communication protocols. The course covers widely used categorical classifications of networks, as well as network topologies, physical devices, and layered abstraction. The course also introduces basic concepts of security, covering vulnerabilities of networks and [...]

CCNA Routing and Switching - The Easy Certification Guide (Eduonix)

Creating a network of computers isn’t always as easy as they portray in shows and movies. It isn’t as simple as hooking up a few monitors to multiple CPUs or server systems. The process of creating and maintaining a networking system is a difficult and time consuming process that [...]

Internetworking with TCP/IP (openHPI)

The Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. This course will teach you about the technological foundation of this worldwide network. You will learn about the fundamentals of digital data transmission and the functional principles of computer network technologies, such as local area networks (LANs) and [...]