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Apr 10th 2017

In the course participants will learn how to develop a learning module using best practices in pedagogy and instructional design. Using a project-based approach participants will learn and apply the fundamental elements and principles in a module design that leads to higher engagement and learner outcomes.

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Nov 14th 2016

Everyone loves a hero. Now, it’s your turn. Become a Design Thinking Hero while exploring how this process can be used to create innovative instructional design solutions. Through a series of challenges posed to you, this course will enable you to use your diverse talents and tools to approach problems and to create solutions that generate learner-centered solutions.

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Sep 8th 2014

Participants will engage in a fun four-week adventure to develop a practical and experiential understanding of pedagogy, learning theory, and learning design with technology. Educators and educators-in-training in higher education, as well as teachers and educational specialists in primary and secondary schools, will find value in this course.

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