Energy Systems Integration

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Business Implications of Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems (edX)

Learn how digital technologies help with the energy transition and then how to use this to develop future potential business models in various energy and energy-dependent sectors. This course focuses on the emerging digitalization-based business models in the energy systems field. You will study how digital technologies can aid [...]

Energy Systems Integration: An Introduction (FutureLearn)

May 25th 2020
Energy Systems Integration: An Introduction (FutureLearn)
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Discover innovative sustainable energy systems solutions and explore an integrated perspective on the energy market.Learn how sustainable energy systems interact and solve big energy challenges. With the rising cost of energy and the threat of climate change on energy security, the world is facing critical energy challenges. On this [...]

Energy Systems Integration: A Trend or a Revolution? (edX)

Build upon your energy expertise, combining your existing knowledge with global and multidisciplinary strategies, and learn to create smart and sustainable integrated energy systems. Businesses and institutions all over the world face critical energy challenges. Namely: the rising cost of energy, the effects of climate change, and the resulting [...]