Resilient Energy Systems for Sustainable Communities XSeries

What you will learn:
- Holistic understanding of microgrid design and deployment, backed by alternative energy case studies and site visits.
- Comprehensive insights into the interconnected world of Food, Energy, and Water security.
- Learn about emerging renewable energy technologies, from solar power to biomass to energy storage, backed with real world examples.
- Analyze how food, energy, and water contribute to community well-being globally.
- Skills to assess renewable energy resources and create robust community energy evaluations.
- Strategies to optimize renewable energy inputs for food and water applications.

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Powering Resilient Communities: A Holistic Approach to Food, Energy, and Water Security (edX)

A research-based course on resilient renewable energy solutions, with an emphasis on microgrids, and Food, Energy, and Water (FEW) security. This course provides research-based and on-the-ground tools for community planners, grid designers, and business leaders to improve and implement stronger and more resilient renewable energy systems in Arctic communities. [...]

The Resilient and Renewable Grid: How Microgrids are Revolutionizing Energy Systems (edX)

A foundational course on microgrid systems design with an emphasis on community-based projects and non-grid connected remote systems. The electric grid of the future will need to be more resilient, decentralized, and capable of integrating more distributed energy resources including on-site renewable energy technologies, energy storage and even electric [...]