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E.g., 2017-02-23
E.g., 2017-02-23
E.g., 2017-02-23
Feb 13th 2017

La Conversion Thermodynamique de la Chaleur joue un rôle essentiel dans nos sociétés car elle permet de répondre à des besoins fondamentaux comme le chauffage, la production de froid, l’éclairage, la mobilité, la fourniture d’énergie mécanique, etc. Les systèmes énergétiques qui seront étudiés dans ce MOOC ont donc un impact direct sur notre vie quotidienne à tous. Ce MOOC propose une méthode originale qui permet de dépasser les limites que rencontre l'enseignement de la discipline par les approches classiques.

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Nov 14th 2016

This course introduces the concept of energy services and presents the modeling principles to design sustainable energy systems.

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Oct 24th 2016

Learn how to analyse energy transition cases from technological, legal, economics, spatial, and social perspectives. Since the discovery of fire, mankind has used various energy sources to aid our development. The energy system has been continually changing, as the economy and technology progress. Today, energy systems are confronted with pressing global challenges: climate protection; economic and social development; poverty eradication; adequate food production; health for all; and the conservation of ecosystems, peace and security. A major transformation – an energy transition - is required to address these challenges.

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Oct 4th 2016

Learn the science and technology behind nuclear energy and the special features of this energy source.

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Jun 8th 2016

A quantitative introduction to the energy system and its environmental impacts. Humanity faces an immense challenge: providing abundant energy to everyone without wrecking the planet. If we want a high-energy future while protecting the natural world for our children, we must consider the environmental consequences of energy production and use. But money matters too: energy solutions that ignore economic costs are not realistic—particularly in a world where billions of people currently can’t afford access to basic energy services. How can we proceed?

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