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Dynamic Energy Modelling of Buildings: Thermal Simulation (edX)

Understand the dynamics of buildings’ thermal behavior and learn how to optimize their design and operation through thermal modeling. Many engineers are puzzled by questions such as: how to shift or reduce peak heating demand to obtain a better match with a smart grid or renewable energy system? What [...]

Energy Demand in Buildings (edX)

Discover how building design and occupancy determines the energy demand in buildings and learn how to (re)design low energy buildings. Building design strongly influences the quantity of heating, cooling and electricity needed during building operation. Therefore, a correct thermal design is essential to achieve low energy and low carbon [...]

Comfort and Health in Buildings (edX)

Learn how to realize thermally comfortable and healthy buildings and how energy technologies impact comfort. Even in the well-accepted indoor temperature range of 20-24°C (68-75°F), people can experience thermal discomfort. Complaints about the indoor thermal environment are one of the major complaints building and facility managers have to deal [...]

Managing Building Adaptation: A Sustainable Approach (edX)

Learn how to adapt buildings sustainably by applying management tools to real-life cases in the built environment. Do you have a passion for buildings and want to contribute to a sustainable environment? Then this is your chance to make a difference! The biggest sustainability challenge for cities worldwide is [...]

L'art des structures 1 : Câbles et arcs (Coursera)

L'art des structures propose une découverte du fonctionnement des structures porteuses, telles que les bâtiments, les toitures ou les ponts. Ce cours présente les principes du dimensionnement et les structures en câbles et en arcs. Un deuxième cours présentera les structures en treillis, en poutres et en [...]

L'Art des Structures 2 : treillis, poutres, dalles et cadres (Coursera)

Les structures en treillis, en poutre, en dalles et en cadre sont essentielles pour une grande partie des constructions modernes : immeubles pour l'habitation ou de bureaux, halles et usines, ponts, ou passerelles, voies de transport de l'énergie ou des télécommunications, stades et grandes toitures. Le cours L'Art des [...]

Caer o No caer. El secreto de las estructuras (edX)

Las estructuras están presentes en todos los sistemas que nos rodean. Descubrirlas y comprender cómo funcionan es sencillo y fascinante. Las estructuras están implicadas en nuestras vidas: las plantas, los animales, casi todo lo que fabrica el ser humano, incluso nuestro propio cuerpo, deben soportar una serie de fuerzas [...]

Façade design and engineering: complexity made simple (edX)

Understand the fundamental technology behind façade design and construction and the impact of the various components in facilitating the construction of sustainable, energy efficient, aesthetic and modern buildings. The building façade forms the interface between outside conditions and the habitable indoor climate, where we spend most of our time. [...]

Introducción interdisciplinar a la sostenibilidad urbana (edX)

Este curso presenta los elementos básicos y las tendencias que definen las prácticas de sostenibilidad en la arquitectura actual. Sigue un enfoque interdisciplinario que incluye la evaluación del desempeño y las políticas urbanas.

Designing Climate Neutral Buildings and Transport (edX)

Familiarize yourself with decarbonization measures in the building and transport sectors. Learn about trends in energy usage, carbon intensity, and potential of available alternatives to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.