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E.g., 2017-08-16
E.g., 2017-08-16
Aug 14th 2017

L'art des structures propose une découverte du fonctionnement des structures porteuses, telles que les bâtiments, les toitures ou les ponts. Ce cours présente les principes du dimensionnement et les structures en câbles et en arcs. Un deuxième cours présentera les structures en treillis, en poutres et en cadres.

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Aug 7th 2017

Les structures en treillis, en poutre, en dalles et en cadre sont essentielles pour une grande partie des constructions modernes : immeubles pour l'habitation ou de bureaux, halles et usines, ponts, ou passerelles, voies de transport de l'énergie ou des télécommunications, stades et grandes toitures. Le cours L'Art des Structures 2 vous propose d'en découvrir le fonctionnement et les bases de leur dimensionnement.

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May 8th 2017

The course provide the basic necessary information for designing climate responsive buildings, aiming to minimise energy demand and to achieve thermal and visual comfort in EAC (East African Community) and other tropical countries with similar climates.

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Aug 2nd 2016

Explore how engineers design bridges and buildings in our communities and iconic structures around the world.

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May 16th 2016

Building a house has evolved over centuries from providing rudimentary shelter, through increasing personalisation, to the sophisticated multifunctional buildings of today. These building can be designed to minimise visual impact on the environment and on global resources, in both their construction and day-to-day running. In the dark days of the early 20th century, mass housing provisioned many of the niceties. Design considerations were given less attention, but now design processes have evolved to more actively consider the needs of the users, to provide housing spaces which are both functional and pleasant spaces to be.

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Feb 3rd 2015

Las estructuras están presentes en todos los sistemas que nos rodean. Descubrirlas y comprender cómo funcionan es sencillo y fascinante.

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Mar 1st 2014

City Design online course shows the fundamentals of city planning, building and exploitation via funny short video lectures (like the one above) and a variety of brief assignments for self-control.
It is ideal for people who want to know about designing the cities before starting professional readings or to draw inspiration.

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Oct 15th 2013

Have you seen the world through the eyes of an architect? What would you do to make our buildings, cities and environment better? Take this journey through contemporary architecture and learn how to build a better world.

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