Concurrent Programming

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Concurrent Programming in Java (Coursera)

This course teaches learners (industry professionals and students) the fundamental concepts of concurrent programming in the context of Java 8. Concurrent programming enables developers to efficiently and correctly mediate the use of shared resources in parallel programs. By the end of this course, you will learn [...]
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Programación Concurrente (edX)

Aprende a desarrollar y crear programas utilizando paradigmas de programación avanzada, tales como la programación concurrente. La utilización de estos paradigmas te permitirá crear software avanzado, y optimizar el rendimiento de ciertos programas.
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Concurrent Programming in Erlang (FutureLearn)

Learn the theory and practice of concurrent programming in Erlang, through practical exercises and suggested projects. Concurrent functional programming is increasingly important in providing global-scale applications on the internet. We combine the theory of concurrent programming with the practice of how that works in Erlang. You’ll get the opportunity [...]
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