Parallel Programming

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Parallel Programming in Java (Coursera)

This course teaches learners (industry professionals and students) the fundamental concepts of parallel programming in the context of Java 8. Parallel programming enables developers to use multicore computers to make their applications run faster by using multiple processors at the same time. By the end of this course, you [...]
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Parallel programming (Coursera)

With every smartphone and computer now boasting multiple processors, the use of functional ideas to facilitate parallel programming is becoming increasingly widespread. In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of parallel programming, from task parallelism to data parallelism. In particular, you'll see how many familiar ideas from functional programming [...]
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Computer Architecture (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn to design the computer architecture of complex modern microprocessors. All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion.
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MPI: A Short Introduction to One-sided Communication (FutureLearn)

Learn the details of one-sided communication in MPI programming. Discover the advantages to one-sided communication in parallel programming. Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a key standard for parallel computing architectures. On this course, you’ll learn the essential concepts of one-sided communication in MPI, as well as the advantages of [...]
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Big Data Analysis with Apache Spark (edX)

Learn how to apply data science techniques using parallel programming in Apache Spark to explore big data. Organizations use their data to support and influence decisions and build data-intensive products and services, such as recommendation, prediction, and diagnostic systems. The collection of skills required by organizations to support these [...]
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Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark (edX)

Learn how to apply data science techniques using parallel programming in Apache Spark to explore big (and small) data.
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Heterogeneous Parallel Programming (Coursera)

This course introduces concepts, languages, techniques, and patterns for programming heterogeneous, massively parallel processors. Its contents and structure have been significantly revised based on the experience gained from its initial offering in 2012. It covers heterogeneous computing architectures, data-parallel programming models, techniques for memory bandwidth management, and parallel algorithm [...]
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Parallel Programming Concepts (openHPI)

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Parallel Programming Concepts (openHPI)
Free Course
The openHPI online course “Parallel Programming Concepts” presents relevant theoretical and practical foundations for parallel programming. We show crucial theoretical ideas such as semaphores and actors, the architecture of modern parallel hardware, different programming models such as task parallelism, message passing and functional programming, and several patterns and best [...]
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