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Introduction to Concurrent Programming with GPUs (Coursera)

This course will help prepare students for developing code that can process large amounts of data in parallel. It will focus on foundational aspects of concurrent programming, such as CPU/GPU architectures, multithreaded programming in C and Python, and an introduction to CUDA software/hardware.

Introduction to Parallel Programming with CUDA (Coursera)

This course will help prepare students for developing code that can process large amounts of data in parallel on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). It will learn on how to implement software that can solve complex problems with the leading consumer to enterprise-grade GPUs available using Nvidia CUDA. They will [...]

CUDA Advanced Libraries (Coursera)

May 27th 2024
CUDA Advanced Libraries (Coursera)
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This course will complete the GPU specialization, focusing on the leading libraries distributed as part of the CUDA Toolkit. Students will learn how to use CuFFT, and linear algebra libraries to perform complex mathematical computations. The Thrust library’s capabilities in representing common data structures and associated algorithms will be [...]

CUDA at Scale for the Enterprise (Coursera)

This course will aid in students in learning in concepts that scale the use of GPUs and the CPUs that manage their use beyond the most common consumer-grade GPU installations. They will learn how to manage asynchronous workflows, sending and receiving events to encapsulate data transfers and control signals. [...]

Introduction to OpenCL on FPGAs (Coursera)

OpenCL™ is a standard for writing parallel programs for heterogeneous systems, much like the NVidia* CUDA* programming language. In the FPGA environment, OpenCL constructs are synthesized into custom logic. An overview of the OpenCL standards will be discussed. You will learn about the platform, execution, memory, and programming models [...]

High Performance Computing (Udacity)

The goal of this course is to give you solid foundations for developing, analyzing, and implementing parallel and locality-efficient algorithms. This course focuses on theoretical underpinnings. To give a practical feeling for how algorithms map to and behave on real systems, we will supplement algorithmic theory with hands-on exercises [...]