Marco te Brömmelstroet

Marco te Brömmelstroet holds the position of Associate Professor in Urban Planning. His teaching focuses on courses around land use and mobility in the Bachelor and Master program. Marco is the founding academic director of the Urban Cycling Institute that is a part of the Centre for Urban Studies. The Institute leads research into the reciprocal relations between cycling, society and cities and is also actively involved in international dissemination of Dutch cycling knowledge. Examples of latter are the Summer School on Planning the Cycling City, the MOOC Unraveling the Cycling City and the Why We Cycle documentary.

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Alternative Mobility Narratives (Coursera)

Ready to imagine a radically different mobility future? This course is about the stories that we tell ourselves about why and how we move. By critically examining our current narratives, we help you think about mobility in a new way. Using systems dynamics modelling, we explore how a mobility [...]

Reclaiming the Street for Livable Urban Spaces (Coursera)

In Reclaiming the Street, you will learn about the mechanisms of change and challenges you to apply this knowledge to start creating vibrant streetscapes in your neighbourhood. This six week course will guide you through seminal academic work on the topics of transition management and street experiments while providing [...]

Unraveling the Cycling City (Coursera)

Obscured by its apparent simplicity, cycling is a complex phenomenon. Being an almost perfect human-machine hybrid, cycling is deeply rooted in a plethora of socio-technological systems. Around the world cycling is embraced as an important ingredient to tackle a wide variety of individual and societal challenges. The Netherlands is [...]

Being Smart about Cycling Futures (Coursera)

Jun 17th 2024
Being Smart about Cycling Futures (Coursera)
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What is the future of cycling in our cities that struggle to transition to more sustainable and inclusive forms of mobility? What is the role of innovation in ensuring that cycling becomes easier, safer and more accessible for different groups of people? What are Great Bikes and what are [...]