System Dynamics

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Alternative Mobility Narratives (Coursera)

Ready to imagine a radically different mobility future? This course is about the stories that we tell ourselves about why and how we move. By critically examining our current narratives, we help you think about mobility in a new way. Using systems dynamics modelling, we explore how a mobility [...]

Systems Thinking In Public Health (Coursera)

This course provides an introduction to systems thinking and systems models in public health. Problems in public health and health policy tend to be complex with many actors, institutions and risk factors involved. If an outcome depends on many interacting and adaptive parts and actors the outcome cannot be [...]

System Dynamics for Health Sciences (edX)

Learn to use system dynamics to better understand complex medical issues and interventions. Effective and meaningful engagement with complex modern medical systems requires an overarching set of tools. System dynamics is such a tool, allowing health practitioners to model and simulate problems ranging from the molecular level to the [...]