Apr 25th 2014

Own Your Story: Advancing Women's Leadership (

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We all have a story. No matter where we are in our life’s journey; no matter our circumstances; we have something to share that has made us who we are. Capturing and examining our life stories increases our resilience and clarifies our place in the world.

Join eight leaders and authors in exploring the power of these stories in our lives. Together, we will share our stories of family and community, work and career, college or school, and the financial, physical, and spiritual triumphs and challenges we have faced. Together, we will acknowledge and embrace those stories using them to ground us and to help us shape our futures.

Focused on adult women but open to all, this unique course allows us to document privately, and to share if we wish, the meaningful stories that have been passed down to us and the stories of experiences that we have lived. Our hope is that each participant will draw new meaning and strength from this process.

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