Jan 19th 2015

Foundations of E-Commerce (Coursera)

Taught by:

Taught by the 'World's Best Business Educator', as awarded by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the aim of this course is to understand issues that companies need to address when moving from being offline to online and learn how companies can craft business models where IT is embedded as an integral part of products, processes and customer interactions. You would get to appreciate how IT is changing the way companies create value through networks and coopetition.

This is a course about the fundamentals of the online/digital world. It’s aim to provide a set of concepts and tools with which to view online developments. These concepts are the language and the vocabulary which can explain and also predict how technology impacts different industries.

The course is not an overview of EC or IT developments but rather ways in which we can make sense of EC and IT developments. Thus, the emphasis is not on the “what” but on the “why.”

In the first 5 weeks, different concepts and their significance are explained. The role of these concepts in explaining the success of dominant, marquee companies is also discussed.

In the 6th and final week, participants observe how these concepts apply to different contexts. These contexts are case studies of multiple companies. Actual class discussions are shown to illustrate how the concepts can be used to understand and predict IT-driven transformations.