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Promoting and Protecting Human Rights: a Global Overview (GCHumanRights)

In times of violence and crisis, human rights are important safeguards. In times of peace, security and development, they are important pillars sustaining our common humanity. They are more than moral or legal concepts: they are the lymph of our lives. For them to run effectively, we need to [...]
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Memory Sites and Human Rights (GCHumanRights)

Why and how do we remember past atrocities and human rights violations? What is the role of memory sites in social reconstruction, transitional justice and democratisation? How do memory sites shape communities, societies, identities and nations? This MOOC examines the role of memory sites in their crucial interplay with [...]
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Foundations of E-Commerce (Coursera)

Taught by the 'World's Best Business Educator', as awarded by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the aim of this course is to understand issues that companies need to address when moving from being offline to online and learn how companies can craft business models where IT is embedded as an [...]
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