Design a World-Class Course on OpenLearning (OpenLearning)

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Want to dive into the world of teaching online? In this course, learn how to create an effective MOOC using best practice instructional design and tools within the OpenLearning Platform. Teaching online allows you to connect with more students than ever before. But designing a MOOC that enables students to learn deeply and keeps them engaged and motivated throughout, requires the use of some key pedagogical strategies.

In this course - taught by OpenLearning Instructional Designer, Melinda Garcia - you will learn the process of how to design an engaging and effective online course on OpenLearning, using principles of effective instructional design.

You will work on your own MOOC project and by the end of the course, you will have designed your own online course ready for students to enrol!

This is an interactive and fun course! Get to know each other, have meaningful discussions and really take ownership of your own learning process.

Meet some of the OpenLearning team as well as our philosophy centred on three basic tenants: student empowerment, authentic learning experiences and community.

Module 1: Crafting a rock solid course plan

In this module we’ll look at laying a great foundation for a great course starting with a course plan, this includes setting learning outcomes for your course. As any builder will tell you, a strong foundation is key to any construction!

Module 2: Fostering an amazing online learning community

This section explores how to grow a social and active community in your course, from welcoming strategies and getting students interacting to keeping them engaged through to the end.

Module 3: Designing awesome course content and activities

Here we cover the finer details of developing content and activities that online learners love and remember.

Module 4: The finishing touches

This module explores the marketing elements of your course, from how to make it visually appealing to students to assisting you in promoting your course to learners around the world.

Module 5: Facilitating your course

In this section, you will look at the kinds of things that help your course run smoothly, from managing classes and setting up groups to measuring success and tactics for continuous improvement.

The End (Don’t be Sad!)

Even the greatest bands on earth need to say goodbye sometime. In this module, we do it in style by sharing our courses.