Aug 21st 2017

Literacy Teaching and Learning: Aims, Approaches and Pedagogies (Coursera)

This course opens with an exploration of the social context and aims of literacy teaching and learning. It goes on to describe a range of historical and contemporary approaches to literacy pedagogy, including didactic, authentic, functional, and critical approaches.

The course takes has a 'Multiliteracies' perspective, which aims to expand the definition of literacy to encompass today's multimodal communications, and the diversity of literacies across different social and culltural contexts. A Multiliteracies approach also suggests a broad range of activity types—experiential, conceptual, analytical and critical.


Week 1: The Aims of Literacy

Week 2: Theory and Practice of Literacies Learning and Teaching

Week 3: Didactic + Authentic Approaches to Literacy

Week 4: Functional + Critical Approaches to Literacy

-------------------------------- Recommended Background --------------------------------

This course is designed for people interested in literacy teaching and learning, including people who may wish to join education as a profession, practicing teachers interested in exploring future directions for a vocation that is currently undergoing transformation, and community and workplace leaders who regard their mission to be in part "educative."

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