Sep 4th 2017

D-TRANSFORM: University Strategies in the Digital Age (POK)

In the 21st century a new learning ecosystem of students, educators, and resources developed: discover with us how digital resources can be a catalyst for change in university strategies. With society, universities and labour market becoming more and more reliant on technology, it is important for higher education leaders to leverage the power of digital resources in order to find a strategy for change.

This MOOC is therefore aimed at raising awareness of digital resources, and especially OER and MOOCs, as a strategic factor for university transformation, with a special focus on teaching and learning processes.

In addition to that, the course promotes executive reflection on hands-on challenges and offers networking opportunities in a non-formal context.

The target audiences of the MOOC are: university rectors, vice-rectors, rector’s delegates for elearning, rector’s delegates for university third mission, deans of faculties, directors of operational units in higher education institutions and anybody interested in the digital strategy of universities.

Course Information

The course is organised into 7 weeks; each week is devoted to a specific topic:

WEEK 1 - Universities disrupted

WEEK 2 - Models for opening up education

WEEK 3 - OER and MOOCs as innovation drivers

WEEK 4 - Academic libraries and study spaces

WEEK 5 - Assessment and credits

WEEK 6 - Learning analytics

WEEK 7 - Overcoming academic resistance to ICT-enhanced teaching

The MOOC explores the new positioning of universities in the digital age along with some selected innovation fronts that entered the higher education discourse. Each week we will have a theme, and we’ll learn about it through video interviews with visionaries and practitioners from diverse organisations. You may cherry-pick the content most beneficial to you, or you may follow the suggested learning path and engage in individual or collaborative activities, sharing your thoughts with the other MOOC participants in the course forum.

Each week should take you 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Except where otherwise specified, the D-TRANSFORM MOOC is released under a Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence.


Quizzes aimed at assessing knowledge and understanding are not available, because they are not relevant to this discussion-based MOOC.

Upon the completion of a reflective quiz at the end of the course, you will achieve a statement of participation issued by the D-TRANSFORM consortium.

The D-TRANSFORM MOOC is not credit eligible.

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