Mar 2nd 2015

Architecture 101 - Part II (iversity)

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From place to space: To turn a place into a space. To see spaces like architects do.

To learn more about architecture 101, we kindly invite you to read about it in the first part of the course description, here. Being this part 2 (from place to space), in order to understand the whole picture, it is better to start from part 1.

Architecture 101 (part 2: from place to space)

In part 1 of our course, we explore the state of nothingness and start moving towards the idea of “place”. In part 2, we deal with the concept of “place” and our conceptual journey goes on towards “space”.

In short:

part 1: from nothingness to place

part 2: from place to space

part 3: from space to architecture

Places to stay, to move, to eat, to cook, to love. Place to live. Place to die.

Places for our bodies, places on our bodies.

Places to clean and remember. We went all over the place... Different places for doing so many different things. Different places and different positions, all weaven to different states of mind.

Of course, in this 6-month journey called “Architecture 101”, we expect the final output to be about making architecture. And it will be (part 3).

But as we said before: we cannot make architecture without understanding what space is, and we cannot sense any kind of space before knowing about “place”, and we cannot imagine any kind of place without getting into a mental and physical state of pure nothingness.

So now, how do we go from to place to space?

As John Cage told us in the first week of part 1, "There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot."

“In a small room one does not say what one would in a large room.” (Louis Kahn)