Apr 27th 2015

Architecture 101 - Part III (iversity)

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From space to architecture: To structure, order and transform space into architecture.

To learn more about architecture 101, we kindly invite you to read about it in the first part of the course description, here. Eventually, also read the description of part 2 here.

Architecture 101 (part 3: from space to architecture)

In part 1 of our course, we explore the state of nothingness and start to understand the idea of “place”. In part 2 we learn to transform a place into a space. Now, we are ready for part 3: to transform a space into architecture.

What does it mean to transform a space into architecture?

“Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.” Louis Kahn

In part 2, we learn that space is composed of mind and matter. Now, in order for us to benefit from this matter, we need to put it in order. And this is exactly what architecture is all about. Architecture is about giving a very specific kind of meaning and symbolic value to a series of different things.

In this part of the course, we will plan, design and construct a system in which to organize and render coherent important matter (that matters to us). A matter of structure and proportions.

By doing so, we will give a new sense to place and space.