Jun 5th 2017

Modern Building Design (FutureLearn)

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Learn how climate change, technology and regulation are changing modern building design and professional practice in construction. Trends such as climate change, technology and regulation are changing modern building design, as well as the professional practices of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. This free online course explores these trends, highlighting how higher education (HE) and the construction sector can work together to address them.

Explore the trends influencing modern building design

Over three weeks, you will look at trends such as:

- the emerging role of the design manager;

- the importance of information modelling for enhanced design;

- new sustainable construction materials and techniques;

- water-sensitive design to increase cities’ resilience;

- and buildings and their impact on health and wellbeing.

By the end of the course, you will:

- be aware of the factors that influence modern building design;

- understand the areas where AEC professionals now work – from traditional office and site positions to lab-based ones;

- describe how design management, digital modelling, nanotechnology, resilience, wellbeing and sustainability are changing the AEC curriculum;

- and discuss the need for increased integration between HE and practice, to create the AEC professionals of tomorrow.

Learn with modern building design experts at the University of Bath

Modern Building Design has been developed by the University of Bath’s highly rated Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Its new MSc programme in this area specialises in a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to modern building design, giving you the opportunity to learn with experts from across the AEC industry.

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