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Aug 21st 2017

This course introduces the types of cost estimation from the conceptual design phase through the more detailed design phase of a construction project. In addition, the course highlights the importance of controlling costs and how to monitor project cash flow. Students will work on a break-even analysis of construction tasks in a project.

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Jul 31st 2017

Aprenderás las bases y los procedimientos precisos paso a paso para que puedas llevar a cabo la autoconstrucción de una vivienda básica, segura y económica para ti y tu familia; también te será de gran utilidad si estás buscando aprender a reparar, mejorar la estructura de tu vivienda e incluso si buscas autoemplearte.

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Jun 5th 2017

Learn how climate change, technology and regulation are changing modern building design and professional practice in construction. Trends such as climate change, technology and regulation are changing modern building design, as well as the professional practices of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. This free online course explores these trends, highlighting how higher education (HE) and the construction sector can work together to address them.

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Mar 12th 2017

This is one of the compulsory courses in Civil Engineering where students are exposed to the fundamental theory of highway engineering. Topics covered are; highway materials and evaluations, premix plants, construction techniques and plants, quality controls and testing, pavement structural thickness design, highway drainage and maintenance, pavement visual assessment, and economic evaluation of transportation alternatives.

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