Biomass Energy

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Renewable Energy Technology Fundamentals (Coursera)

Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, with billions of dollars invested each year to meet international energy sustainability goals. This course will provide you with a solid foundation for understanding and deploying important renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar. In [...]
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Sustainable Energy: Design a Renewable Future (edX)

Learn how to make the transition to 100% renewable energy from wind, solar and biomass for electricity, heat and fuels for a sustainable future. A transition to sustainable energy is needed for our climate and welfare. In this engineering course, you will learn how to assess the potential for [...]
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Understanding Biological Energy (FutureLearn)

Get an introduction to energy and explore how humans and other living things obtain and use their biological energy sources. Discover applications of biological energy, from human energy to photosynthesis. On this course, you’ll learn what energy actually is and how living things acquire and convert [...]
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Énergies renouvelables (FUN)

Amener les apprenants à mieux comprendre les grands enjeux du 21ème siècle en matière de transition énergétique ainsi que les moyens d'exploiter les différentes sources d'énergies renouvelables (soleil, vent, eau, chaleur du sol, biomasse), tel est l'objectif du MOOC "Énergies renouvelables".
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Energy-The Technology You Must Know in the 21st Century | 能源─21世紀你必須了解的科技! (edX)

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Energy-The Technology You Must Know in the 21st Century | 能源─21世紀你必須了解的科技! (edX)
Free Course
A comprehensive introduction to existing and emerging energy technologies and their applications. (Taught in Mandarin). Energy technology is a highly multidisciplinary subject, which extends from engineering (e.g. mechanical, chemical, civil, environmental and electrical) to economy and ecology.
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