Feb 1st 2016

Sensing Planet Earth - From Core to Outer Space (edX)

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Deepen your understanding of global change by learning about the techniques and tools used to study the Earth.

What do your senses tell you about planet Earth? Do we know enough about our planet? What do we need to know more about, and how can we be sure that global change is really taking place?

This course aims at answering these questions – and many more.

In this energy and earth science course we will take you on a journey through different fields of Earth sciences, including the solid Earth, the atmosphere, and the biosphere. Our experts will give you first-hand insights why, where, and how measurement techniques are applied and they will explain to you how sensors in space, on aircraft, and on the ground work.

You will be given insights on how to use data from various sensors in order to improve your understanding of our living planet. Simple experiments will show you how easy it is to sense Earth’s environment by yourself, and world-renowned experts will explain why it is so important that we study our planet.

Join us and let’s sense planet Earth together!

What you'll learn:

- Discover how we measure different environments

- Classify Earth measurement tools

- Compare measurement techniques