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Introducción al desarrollo web (Coursera)

Este curso te proporcionará los conceptos básicos para iniciarte en el fascinante mundo de la Ingeniería de Software para aplicaciones web. Abordaremos los conceptos fundamentales de estructura, contenido y presentación de una página web, para luego centrarnos en la sintaxis del lenguaje de marcas HTML y en el uso [...]

Animation with JavaScript and jQuery (Coursera)

With the general introduction of JavaScript in the first course, this course will focus on JavaScript libraries, specifically jQuery. The scripts will be geared toward Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation. Learners will describe the top JavaScript libraries and differentiate which would work best to implement and accelerate development of [...]

Introduction to building Web Pages using HTML5 and CSS3 (Coursera)

Web content is accessed by millions across the globe every day. Attractive web pages help businesses grow and provide an omnipresent experience to the viewers. In this course you will get an understanding on how HTML5 is used to structure simple web pages from scratch and how CSS3 enhances [...]

Web page creation by editing a template in GitHub (Coursera)

"Web page creation by editing a template in GitHub" : Creating Basic Website from Scratch. We will create a template repository from the basic concepts of HTML and CSS.Using the repository, we will create different webpages to produce a simple website. This website will be customizable according to requirements [...]