JavaScript for Beginners Specialization

This Specialization is intended for the learner with no previous programming experience or the career changer transitioning to software development. JavaScript is generally the first programming language you will need to learn and this Specialization will help you practice and build your skills through a gentle progression of modules and courses.

- Working with a Code Editor, Intro of Selection Control Structures, How to Create Loops, and Understanding Core Programming Structures.
- I​ntroduces learners to the popular jQuery library and explores the syntactical differences between JavaScript and jQuery using small projects.

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Interactivity with JavaScript and jQuery (Coursera)

This course is the third in our JavaScript for Beginners Specialization. The scripts will become more complex and introduce more complex jQuery plugins. You will have several challenges to practice your skills throughout the course. The course objectives include how to identify objects in JavaScript; create new objects and [...]

Animation with JavaScript and jQuery (Coursera)

With the general introduction of JavaScript in the first course, this course will focus on JavaScript libraries, specifically jQuery. The scripts will be geared toward Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation. Learners will describe the top JavaScript libraries and differentiate which would work best to implement and accelerate development of [...]

Data Manipulation in JavaScript (Coursera)

This course builds on the skills from the previous course and goes further into managing and manipulating data with JavaScript. You will learn methods for validating and handling data provided by users or coming from an external data source. This course includes a challenge in the form of a [...]