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Marketing Analytics with Facebook (Coursera)

Aug 15th 2022
Marketing Analytics with Facebook (Coursera)
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This course explores Facebook Marketing Analytics Tools. You’ll learn how the Facebook advertising platform works and you’ll learn to create ads using Facebook Ads Manager. Then, you’ll learn how Facebook reports results and how you can customize the reports to match your business goals. You’ll also [...]

Analíticas y Métricas de Marketing (Coursera)

En este primer curso se comprenderá el comportamiento de los usuarios y el impacto en la medición de interacciones que se dan en las Páginas web, Landing page o búsquedas de información de navegadores tradicionales. También podremos distinguir las principales herramientas de la analítica que se utilizan en el [...]

Mobile Marketing, Optimization Tactics, and Analytics (Coursera)

Welcome to Course 3 of the E-Marketing Specialization: Mobile Marketing Optimization Tactics, and Analytics. Our final course will start with an introduction to mobile marketing. The remaining modules will provide you with the knowledge needed to increase sales, boost engagement, and interpret website analytics. This course will culminate in [...]

Demand Analytics (Coursera)

Welcome to Demand Analytics - one of the most sought-after skills in supply chain management and marketing! Through the real-life story and data of a leading cookware manufacturer in North America, you will learn the data analytics skills for demand planning and forecasting.

Managing Uncertainty in Marketing Analytics (Coursera)

Marketers must make the best decisions based on the information presented to them. Rarely will they have all the information necessary to predict what consumers will do with complete certainty. By incorporating uncertainty into the decisions that they make, they can anticipate a wide range of possible outcomes and [...]

Foundations of marketing analytics (Coursera)

Who is this course for? This course is designed for students, business analysts, and data scientists who want to apply statistical knowledge and techniques to business contexts. For example, it may be suited to experienced statisticians, analysts, engineers who want to move more into a business role, in particular [...]

Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice (Coursera)

Successfully marketing brands today requires a well-balanced blend of art and science. This course introduces students to the science of web analytics while casting a keen eye toward the artful use of numbers found in the digital space. The goal is to provide the foundation needed to apply data [...]

Applying Data Analytics in Marketing (Coursera)

This course introduces students to the science of business analytics while casting a keen eye toward the artful use of numbers found in the digital space. The goal is to provide businesses and managers with the foundation needed to apply data analytics to real-world challenges they confront daily in [...]

Unsupervised Text Classification for Marketing Analytics (Coursera)

Marketing data is often so big that humans cannot read or analyze a representative sample of it to understand what insights might lie within. In this course, learners use unsupervised deep learning to train algorithms to extract topics and insights from text data. Learners walk through a conceptual overview [...]

Network Analysis for Marketing Analytics (Coursera)

Network analysis is a long-standing methodology used to understand the relationships between words and actors in the broader networks in which they exist. This course covers network analysis as it pertains to marketing data, specifically text datasets and social networks. Learners walk through a conceptual overview of network analysis [...]