Enterprise Systems

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Enterprise Systems (Coursera)

This course provides you with an understanding of what Enterprise Systems (also commonly termed as Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, ERPs) are. After learning about what these systems are, we would touch upon why these systems are useful to companies, through which you would get to see the various jobs [...]
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Planning, Auditing and Maintaining Enterprise Systems (Coursera)

Good system management not only requires managing the systems themselves, but requires careful planning to make systems interact with each other, auditing of the systems once the systems are built, and proactive maintenance of all systems. Organizations also rely on organizational policies, such as Acceptable Use Policies to bolster [...]
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IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Enterprise Systems (edX)

Working with Information Technology (IT) without the necessary background? Learn the fundamentals of Information Systems in a corporate environment. This course is one of the 5 courses of an introductory business information systems series, designed to introduce you to the amazing world of Information [...]
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