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Burgos: Deciphering Secrets of Medieval Spain (Coursera)

Sep 20th 2021
Burgos: Deciphering Secrets of Medieval Spain (Coursera)
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This advanced course focuses on two primary goals: (1) appraising how Jews, Christians, and Muslims shaped the history of medieval Spain and (2) mastering the craft of Spanish paleography, the skill of identifying Spanish handwriting in the 11th- through 15th-century manuscripts. Through the lens of the medieval history of [...]
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Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Burgos (Spain) (edX)

Explore the medieval city of Burgos (Spain) and assess its history of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious and cultural coexistence. This history course delves into the medieval history of the city of Burgos, from its inception in 884 c.e. as the homeland of the Spanish Kingdom of Castile and [...]
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