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Introduction to Java Programming: Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms (edX)

Learn to enhance your code by using fundamental data structures and powerful algorithms in Java. In this introductory course, you will learn programming with Java in an easy and interactive way. You will learn about fundamental data structures, such as lists, stacks, queues and trees, and presents algorithms for [...]

The Conquest of Space: Space Exploration and Rocket Science (edX)

Explore the history of space travel and learn the basics of aerospace engineering. Space exploration plays a major role in the history of humankind. The cultural, political and sociological repercussions are extraordinary, and the amount of resources dedicated to space exploration is enormous. This aerospace course is a first [...]

SDG: Moving Towards Sustainable Work (edX)

Decent work is thecritical engine of sustainable development. This course explores the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and mechanisms for developing decent and sustainable work. The United Nations' Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda gives us the opportunity to change and improve the lives of millions of people. These widespread efforts [...]

Introduction to Java Programming: Writing Good Code (edX)

Learn to program in an easy and interactive way and enter the fascinating world of computer science. This is an introductory course to learn programming with Java designed to teach how to code good programs in Java, understanding “good” as both correct and efficient. Basic principles of software engineering [...]

The Software Architect Code: Building the Digital World (edX)

An introductory course aimed at helping you to discover and develop your software talents to succeed within the digital world. Enhance your software skills and capabilities from a software innovation perspective. Do you have a career in the software industry? Are you a founder of a technical startup or [...]

European Paintings: From Leonardo to Rembrandt to Goya (edX)

Uncover the meaning behind the art of the great painters from 1400 to 1800. Learn about the inspirational work of the leading European painters from approximately 1400 to 1800, and explore the issues expressed through the art of painting. Included in this broad time frame are the works of [...]

Introduction to Management Information Systems (MIS): A Survival Guide (edX)

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an MIS-dominated corporate world. This MIS course will cover supporting tech infrastructures (Cloud, Databases, Big Data), the MIS development/ procurement process, and the main integrated systems, ERPs, such as SAP®, Oracle® or Microsoft Dynamics Navision®, as well as their relationship [...]

Introduction to Java Programming: Starting to code in Java (edX)

Learn to program with Java in an easy and interactive way! In this introductory Java programming course, you will be introduced to powerful concepts such as functional abstraction, the object oriented programming (OOP) paradigm and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Examples and case studies will be provided so that you [...]

Ultra-dense networks for 5G and its evolution (edX)

Learn about the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G), a revolutionary technology under deployment. What are the main technological innovations and new applications? 5G, the fifth generation of mobile communications, whose deployment is currently happening throughout the world, is seen as an engine of the economy and is the [...]

Cyber Security Basics: A Hands-on Approach (edX)

Learn how to think like a hacker, but behave as a security expert. Are you tired of hearing that your computer has a virus? Or that your email account has been hacked? Now, is the time for you to protect yourself by understanding the basics of cyber security.