Feb 16th 2016

The Software Architect Code: Building the Digital World (edX)

An introductory course aimed at helping you to discover and develop your software talents to succeed within the digital world.

Enhance your software skills and capabilities from a software innovation perspective. Do you have a career in the software industry? Join us for this 8-week course to find out.

The world is becoming increasingly digital and software is everywhere. Every company is affected by software so having the knowledge to succeed in this industry is essential. This course will introduce the skills necessary to create software. We will explain how people from different professions can work together in order to create innovative software. We will also present the most important activities for generating effective software products and services to meet tomorrow’s demands.

What you'll learn:

- Gain the skills needed to succeed as a software designer and software architect.

- Understand the role of a software architect in the digital world

- Learn the importance of capturing all essential user needs and applying the “Do it yourself” method to plan and build software pieces

- Explore the software design and testing activities addressing the new challenges of tech-focused times

- Understand new interaction paradigms, creativity and design methods that move the focus from the software to the humans who use it