Konstantin Kontor

Konstantin Kontor is Director and Professor of Finance and Strategy at the American Institute of Business and Economics (AIBEc) in Moscow. In 2000 – 2009, Mr. Kontor also served as visiting professor of financial strategy at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, where he taught courses in finance, strategy, and mergers and acquisitions for BA and EMBA students. Mr. Kontor manages KKP Partners, a strategic and investment consulting company focusing on corporate finance, financial and macroeconomic analysis, and business VIP-education in finance. Clients of AIBEc and KKP Partners include major companies operating in a variety of industries – oil and gas, manufacturing, FMCG, entertainment, IT, and particularly banking and investments, as well as a number of HNW individuals. Prior to founding KKP Partners in 1998, Konstantin served as Director of Research at RINACO Plus, a major investment company, analyzed and headed investment projects at NIKOS Corporation, worked as an analyst at G-Bar Limited Partnership (Chicago) and UCLA Center for Finance and Real Estate (Los Angeles). Mr. Kontor holds an MBA in financial strategy, securities and risk management from the Anderson School at UCLA and M.Sc. with highest honors in theoretical physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Mr. Kontor published several articles in international financial newspapers and magazines (Euromoney, Emerging Markets Investor, The Wall Street Journal etc.) and actively participated in discussing financial, strategic, and macroeconomic issues and specific features of capital markets on Bloomberg, Reuters, and TV shows. He delivered numerous presentations at major international conferences and investor meetings in London, New York, Geneva, Zurich, Madrid, Vienna, Moscow and Hong Kong. In the fall of 2016, Konstantin made his debut on Coursera by placing the course Capital Markets and Financial Institutions – Other People’s Money (in Russian) that gained much positive feedback.

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