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Leading With Effective Communication (Inclusive Leadership Training) (edX)

Develop communication skills that bring out the best in you—and in others. What does it take to inspire others, promote a novel idea, or even have a difficult conversation? How can you position yourself as a leader through inclusive communication? How do you know that the message you are [...]
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M040: New Features and Tools in MongoDB 4.0 (MongoDB)

Jul 16th 2019
M040: New Features and Tools in MongoDB 4.0 (MongoDB)
Free Course
Learn about the exciting new features introduced in MongoDB 4.0. With MongoDB 4.0 general availability release and beyond, we are releasing a series of chapters on each of the new features in the MongoDB Server, Ops Manager, Compass, Atlas, the MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence and other [...]
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HIV Science (FUN)

Since the start of the epidemic HIV has infected over 75 million people and provoked more than 35 million deaths. Today, although HIV replication can be controlled by antiretroviral treatment, HIV infection remains an outstanding global health issue, with 36.7 million infected people and 1 million HIV-related deaths in [...]
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