Global Economy

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FinTech Disruptive Innovation: Implications for Society (Coursera)

This course “FinTech Disruptive Innovation: Implications for Society” help you understand how disruptive innovations create opportunity in finance industry and its impact to society especially your career. You would be able to examine and analyse how FinTech innovations would affect companies that relates to FinTech services and how it [...]

Global Strategy II: Doing Business in The Global Economy (Coursera)

This course explores the ways firms overcome challenges when operating globally. The global economy is characterized for its high complexity and uncertainty. Corporations trying to succeed in the global economy need to develop different types of strategies depending on where they are conducting business or what type business [...]

Global Strategy I: How The Global Economy Works (Coursera)

This course seeks to help you understand the forces of globalization and how cross-cultural management and the relationship of a multinational organization to various host countries is becoming more and more critical in today’s global economy. This course begins with the discussion of these issues and global relationships and [...]

MBA Essentials (Coursera)

Embark on a transformative journey through the world of business with our comprehensive course, MBA Essentials. Delivered by a team of dynamic instructors, each with their own unique teaching style, this course offers a diverse perspective on the multifaceted realm of business administration. In the 21st century, businesses demand [...]

African development – from the past to the present (Coursera)

African development – from the past to the present -- offers a unique economic history perspective on Africa's development. Over a period of five weeks, the course covers a logical account of historical events and decisions that have shaped the current political-economical landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa - from the [...]

The Korean Economic Development (Coursera)

You will review the evolution of the Korean economy decade by decade since Korea’s independence from Japan in 1945. Major policies of each decade will be explained and their effect on the Korean economy will be analyzed. Also, the backgrounds and limitations of important policies will be scrutinized. [...]

Global China: From the Mongols to the Ming (edX)

Explore the impact of the conquest dynasties and the world of the Ming. In the 13th century, by force of arms, the Mongols created the greatest empire in human history. Yet by the end of the Ming dynasty in the late 16th century, a new global economy emerged. New [...]

Property Law in a Globalizing Economy: Diversity or Integration? (edX)

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Property Law in a Globalizing Economy: Diversity or Integration? (edX)
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Explore international diversity of conveyance rules applicable to several transactions, including highly globalized ones, by comparing American law, German law, and Japanese law. Learn the approaches, to what extent, and how international harmonization should be achieved to take part in such an open-ended discussion in the [...]

Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Planet (edX)

Is it possible to develop a thriving global economy in an equitable and environmentally-resilient way? Unemployment. Inflation. Protectionism. Trade barriers. Fiscal deficit. These are not just terms in an economics textbook or in newspaper headlines. These real-life challenges carry societal and environmental implications for billions of people around the [...]

Economics of Transition and Emerging Markets (Coursera)

The course analyzes challenges faced by transition and emerging-market economies, i.e., those middle- and low-income countries, which have conducted market-oriented economic reforms and become integrated into the global economy since 1990s. It starts from a brief history of communist economic system based on central planning in the former Soviet [...]