Jun 6th 2016

U.S. History since 1877 (ETSU)

U.S. History from 1877 examines the growth of the United States as an industrial and world power since Reconstruction.

The theme of this course is the making of modern America. During the course we will trace the historical development of our modern national institutions and social and economic structures. In the late nineteenth century, enormous economic and social changes resulting from industrialization and urbanization led to massive upheaval in American society. Pre-industrial politics and ideology were inadequate to handle the new world created by industrial capitalism. Further, United States expansion onto the world stage presented unique problems. This course will tell the story of the process in the making of modern America, with the goal of understanding how economic, social, political, and ideological components of culture interact to spark social change.

Note: It’s possible to get college credit for this course. We offer full credit for the courses if the students complete the course and pay $325 (domestic students) and $350 (international students) for comprehensive exams after the course ends.