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Introduction to Music (ETSU)

An introduction to the development of music, with an emphasis on art music of the Western hemisphere. Topics include elements of music, instruments and ensembles, form, styles and periods, including major composers and works. Synthesis is encouraged through listening to and writing about music. Concert attendance outside class is [...]
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U.S. History since 1877 (ETSU)

Jun 6th 2016
U.S. History since 1877 (ETSU)
Free Course
U.S. History from 1877 examines the growth of the United States as an industrial and world power since Reconstruction.
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Science of Relationships (CSU)

An exploration of the science behind what makes relationships in our lives work or not work. Registration: August 3rd, 2015 – October 9th,2015  
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Exploring the Student Affairs in Higher Education Profession (CSU)

Explore the field of student affairs and career opportunities within. Registration: July 13th, 2015 – October 9th, 2015
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