Jan 12th 2015

Thinking Outside The Box: Creative Entrepreneurship (

This course can empower you to develop your creative potential to improve, enhance and transform your professional career and your community through entrepreneurship.

This course is for your project, for transforming your idea into a real entrepreneurial project. You will acquire strategies to develop your entrepreneurial skills, your creative potential and your “outside the box” thinking, understanding how you can generate innovative ideas to disruptive entrepreneurial projects.

Along the way you will engage with a series of tools, exercises, assignments and challenges that will allow you to contact peers and experts that will help you develop your skills and ideas.

Through this course, you will develop entrepreneurial skills such as:

- Creative thinking

- Connected learning

- Planning skills

- Communication skills

- Reflective thinking

Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Entrepreneurship will help participants develop basic abilities to ideate and design innovative entrepreneurial projects through creative thinking.