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Aug 21st 2017

This course utilizes an inquiry based approach to understanding sources of competitive advantages in companies and other organizations.

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Aug 14th 2017

El éxito en los negocios puede aumentar enormemente cuando se comprenden las características de emprendimiento claves y las soluciones basadas en las competencias. En este curso interactivo se brinda el conocimiento que los emprendedores potenciales necesitan para tener éxito en una oportunidad empresarial.

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Aug 7th 2017

How do you implement ideas? This course provides practical proven tools for transforming an idea into a product or service that creates value for others. As students acquire these tools, they learn how to tell bad ideas from good, how to build a winning strategy, how to shape a unique value proposition, prepare a business plan, compare their innovation to existing solutions, build flexibility into their plan and determine when best to quit.

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Jul 12th 2017

Introduction to new business development for young people from all over the world. Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Being a job creator instead of a job seeker? Would you like to gather the right people for improving life in your community? For developing and selling a new product or service? This course is addressed to people from anywhere in the world, particularly to students and young graduates who want to learn about new business development and to see if this is something for them. We welcome people from “developing countries”, as well as from industrialized economies.

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Jul 10th 2017

Interested in starting your own business? Learn about entrepreneurship, working at your own pace, over a 5-week period, in around 30 hours of effort. Working individually, you will produce a business plan to form a start-up company using the Osterwalder Canvas, and you will have the opportunity to share, discuss and get feedback from fellow students on the course.

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Self Paced

Learn the business skills and startup mindset needed to embark on your entrepreneurial path from MIT’s entrepreneurship program, MIT Launch. Curious about entrepreneurship, but not sure where to start? Learn from MIT’s entrepreneurship program, MIT Launch, which is geared toward high school students, but applicable to budding entrepreneurs of any age.

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Feb 27th 2017

This course has been designed with the intention to provide concrete examples for the practical implementation of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp). Each module consists of several videos, illustrating lesson plans, teaching activities, or possible resources that could enable teachers and educators to foster entrepreneurial skills in their students.

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Jan 23rd 2017

Everyone is a thinker and a doer. Everyone is entrepreneurial. Turn your ideas into action with this free online course. Are you passionate about something that you’d like to change? Or, have you ever wanted to change something, but didn’t know how to make it happen? If these questions resonate with you join us on a four-week journey.

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Oct 18th 2016

Building a better world requires entrepreneurial leadership. What we must understand, however, is that entrepreneurship is not just about personal profit--it is an approach that can propel long term impact for the greater good. You will learn about a Principled Approach to entrepreneurial leadership fueled by Ten Golden Rules for impact and meaning. Through stories and case studies, students will learn to apply the Ten Golden Rules to accelerate organizational success.

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Feb 22nd 2016

Este curso plantea como principales líneas de actuación proporcionar motivación y apoyo a la generación de actitudes emprendedoras, fomentando la generación de ideas y la búsqueda de necesidades que den lugar a nuevas iniciativas empresariales. El curso proporcionará orientaciones para el diseño y desarrollo de una idea de negocio en Internet, tanto desde una perspectiva empresarial como técnica.

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Self Paced

Welcome to the first reading in our new series on “Readings that Matter”. This series is adapted from a set of readings that Acumen’s Fellows and staff discuss on a regular basis as part of our leadership training and development.

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Jan 12th 2015

This course can empower you to develop your creative potential to improve, enhance and transform your professional career and your community through entrepreneurship.

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